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Quarantine Cooking Part 4: A Tub of Chicken and Dumplings

Nostalgia for a particular food brings memories of times and people of the past into focus in my mind. When I think Chicken and Dumplings I immediately think of my Mom and her brother.  His name was listed on the 1930 US Census as Polly.  He hated that name and at some point changed it to Frank.  He had a nickname by which we knew him and I was an adult before I knew that nickname was synonymous with a slang term....We called him Uncle Nookie!    In the summer of 1954 my uncle helped my Dad to purchase a Chevrolet Bel Air.  I remember it was green and big and roomy.  The deal was this:  He helped purchase the car and in exchange he would be included in a trip to the Smokey Mountains with our entire family.  Imagine three adults and four kids traveling in that unairconditioned Chevrolet for 2 weeks.  We stayed in cabins and fished in streams.  We took a Coleman stove and cooked our meals in roadside parks.   The snap is me posing in one of those streams.  He had  little formal education