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Small Gathering with Big Taste: Dot's Cornbread and Rice Dressing

We will have a "small Thanksgiving" this year but with a "big menu."  Our Son-in-law is an expert with his Big Green Egg cooker and he graciously offered to smoke a turkey for us.  The turkey will be brined all day and if  it's anything like the one he cooked last year, will be juicy and delicious.  Our daughter is cooking sweet potatoes, green beans, cheesecake and pumpkin pie.   I am making the cornbread dressing , fresh fruit salad and I baked a cake.  We'll also have the cranberry sauce (the good kind from a can!) and buttered rolls.   I have been asked several times to share my cornbread dressing recipe.  For 52 years I have made this recipe for celebratory meals including Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Every now and then there is a request for something different and on occasion a guest has brought another type of recipe, however, this is my favorite.  It's based on a handed down recipe from my Mom.  It's not a stuffing, but rather a light mixtur