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Quarantine Cooking Part 3: Ground Beef

Ground beef is meat from trimmings of larger cuts of beef which is ground into small particles.    It is labeled by the name of the location from which is was taken.  The percentages of lean  and fat can be variable.  Typically, the percentage is included on the package label.  Personal choice dictates which kind of ground meat one selects at the grocery or butcher shop.  Some people like the very lean selections.  At our house we prefer 80/20 (80% lean and 20% fat).  We feel that the fat gives it more flavor and helps to prevent it from sticking to the pan as much.  The price of ground beef can vary according to the part of the cow with ground sirloin being the most expensive.  We prefer ground chuck.  Chuck is a tough cut for beef and that's why grinding it up before selling it is a good solution.  While still avoiding public places and continuing to have groceries delivered during the pandemic, I came upon a great sale for ground chuck 80/20!  I purchased about 10 pounds, portio