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Quarantine Cooking

Today is April 28, 2020.  The last time I went out in public was March 14....45 days ago.  During a coronavirus Stay at Home order imposed on my state, I have avoided people, places and all things social. Luckily my husband of 52 years years and I are compatible!  It has not been hard to stay busy.  Closets are cleaned and drawers are organized.  Dusting, vacuuming and mopping are daily.  Laundry also daily, and never-ending, has kept me busy.  There is also yard work to fill my days.  Sewing face masks for family and friends has become an almost daily chore of love.  One of the most pleasurable tasks has been preparing food.  We are lucky enough to have food delivery and pickup available without breaking our quarantine, therefore, I cook! I love cooking, but in retirement, my husband and I fell into a routine of frequent meals at restaurants.  We love going out to eat!  Since we had the resources and I was often busy during the day with volunteer work, bridge and social activiti