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Our First Family Vacation (from Hell)

The year was 1984.  We had a windfall and purchased a brand new Chevrolet Suburban.  It was baby blue and had those good durable cloth seats.  The second and third row of seats folded flat.  Son, Greg, was seven years old and daughter, Gretchen, was three.  We had never embarked on a real vacation and decided it was time for one. In the spring of 83 hubby had a business trip to the Loveland, Colorado area and fell in love with the Rocky Mountain National Park.  He found some cabins that were in the park, but privately owned.  A rarity, that.  He reserved a cabin for our first family vacation that would begin in June of 1984.  He wanted the rest of us to share the beauty of the setting with him.  Also, the temperatures in the mountains are so much cooler than in the deep South in June.  I am telling that back story to let you know that this trip with the kids was well thought out, planned to a "t" and budgeted. During a project to digitize family photos I came upon an