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Is it Fall? Time for Louisiana Yams

My friend, Cookie, reminded me in September to order sweet potatoes from the West Feliciana 4H Club in St. Francisville, Louisiana.  Having missed out on purchasing Louisiana Yams last year, I had asked to be informed.   I sent my check and was given and call last week to come and pick them up.

Having no idea where to go, I asked for directions.  When the kind lady started telling me to turn down the gravel road and follow the signs, I knew I wasn't taking the Blue Cloud to pick up my order.  I enlisted my husband and his trusty Tundra to go on the errand with me.

If you have never been to the 4H facility in St. Francisville, it would be worth a trip just to see the wonderful place for kids to participate in some healthy recreation and education.  I didn't know it but was told that the 4H members sell yams (as they are called if grown in Louisiana) every year, just as scouts sell cookies.  They even have a competition to see who can sell the most.  The proceeds of the sale go…

Steve Lalande: A True Talent and a Celebrity Among Us

Recently Runnels Theater for the Performing Arts presented Hello, Dolly!  My friend Steve Lalande posted on Facebook that he wanted his friends to come see the musical and watch him in the role of Cornelius Hackl.  A few of us got tickets and went.  It  has been great getting reacquainted with Steve from our 1960's years at Istrouma High School and a thrill to see him on stage with his surprising talents.

Runnels produces a series of shows during the year including one featuring community actors and it was Steve's debut on that stage.  Those of us who attended agreed that "our own" Steve cannot only act, but sing and dance as well.  His return to Baton Rouge from 34 years of living in the Los Angeles area, was a prelude to his return to the stage.    By day he works as an Office Assistant for Taylor, Porter, Brooks and Phillips, the oldest law firm in the Baton Rouge area.  Working for the law firm is his second career.  He worked for many years as a professional ac…

My Aunt Minnie Lou from Tangipahoa

Yesterday I attended my Aunt Minnie Lou Hutchinson's 90th birthday party!  She is an inspiring person with a reputation for  good works for her family and her community.  The birthday party was held at the Methodist Church in Tangipahoa, Louisiana where she has been a member for her entire adult life.  The party was preceded in a church service where she was honored.  She was one of seven children and sister to my mother.  The sisters were close in age and in spirit throughout their lives and so my cousins were always close to me.

Her birthday party was a grand affair.  Almost all of her family members were there including children,  grandchildren and great grandchildren.  The room was also packed with friends and other relatives who came to wish her well.
Aunt Minnie Lou and husband, Uncle Harvey were married 53 years when Harvey passed away in 1997.  They had four children:  Harvey, Wallace, Montie Sue and Nelwyn.   She is the grandmother of nine and the great grandmother of tw…

A Central Legend-One of the Good Guys

We went to Louis DeAngelos Italian Restaurant  to sit in a radio audience where our friend, Russell Jacobs, was the main attraction.  He was interviewed on Central Legends, a live radio show.  Central Speaks Station 910AM features members of the community who have had a positive effect on the city.  Central Legends is broadcasted live from DeAngelo's  on Sullivan Road weekly on Thursday evenings.  On this particular evening, the bar and half of the restaurant patrons were "Rusty Rooster" fans!  The wait staff team was extremely accommodating as we took over the place. Hosts Les Bueche and Dave Freneaux discussed the history of Central with Rusty, and never at a loss for words, he answered and commented with great style!  I am sure the radio audience was able to share the good nature of the interviewee.  He has been a respected member of the Central community for over forty years and is a well known face to many.

Rusty was chosen as a Legend because he was  instrumental …

Rotisserie Chicken Wisdom

Today we drove our retired selves to town to Sam's Club to purchase rotisserie chickens.  You see, we normally keep these in our freezer for quick meals on nights when we are too busy to cook.  We could purchase them locally, but they are about $3.00 more each when we buy them in our own community.  Therefore, we spend about $3.00 worth of gas to save that amount in food purchase.  

Those of you who belong to discount clubs can relate to the feeling of getting some good deals.  It helps to rationalize the money one spends while there.  I have digressed...We went for the chickens and they were not ready.  We were sad to see the shelf bare, but encouraged that the chickens would be ready in about ten minutes.  I staked out a spot in the queue while hubby went about the store seeking bargains on staples.  It was during this wait time that I gained the wisdom I am about to impart.  Seems those waiting with me, for the never ending ten minutes, wanted to chat.  I love talking to peopl…

Our First Family Vacation (from Hell)

The year was 1984.  We had a windfall and purchased a brand new Chevrolet Suburban.  It was baby blue and had those good durable cloth seats.  The second and third row of seats folded flat.  Son, Greg, was seven years old and daughter, Gretchen, was three.  We had never embarked on a real vacation and decided it was time for one.

In the spring of 83 hubby had a business trip to the Loveland, Colorado area and fell in love with the Rocky Mountain National Park.  He found some cabins that were in the park, but privately owned.  A rarity, that.  He reserved a cabin for our first family vacation that would begin in June of 1984.  He wanted the rest of us to share the beauty of the setting with him.  Also, the temperatures in the mountains are so much cooler than in the deep South in June.  I am telling that back story to let you know that this trip with the kids was well thought out, planned to a "t" and budgeted.

During a project to digitize family photos I came upon an album …

St. Joseph Altar, an Italian Tradition

A long time ago and far away, there was a drought and resulting famine on the island of Sicily.  The people were desperate for sustenance.  It was during the Middle Ages and there was no Red Cross or United Nations rescue efforts. As they watched their crops fail and their families starve, the people turned to prayer.  The Patron Saint of Italy is St. Joseph and it was through his intercession that they prayed for help.
When the heavens finally opened up and the rain replenished the land the people were very thankful to their patron saint for answered prayer.  They built an altar, adorned it with breads, fish and sweets and dedicated it to St. Joseph. Thus began the tradition of St. Joseph altars in Sicily. 
Now Italians and Christians around the world continue the practice that recalls the devotion of the Sicilian people and their gratitude for the end of the drought that almost destroyed their way of life.
Tradition has it that those who build a St. Joseph’s Altar must beg for foods …