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A Love Story and Sweetness: Abeeya's Bakery

Donna and Ivy Donna and Ivy met at a club one night where she was helping to wait tables and he was the DJ.   She  grew up and lived in Seattle, Washington and was visiting relatives in Louisiana as she did each summer.  She was supposed to return to Seattle the next day.  Ivy, a Baton Rouge native, was dazzled by Donna's beauty.   He sent a flower to her during the evening.  He was smitten.  Ivy asked her out for a lunch the next day before her return flight to Seattle.  At the end of the meal, she tore up her plane ticket and the rest is history.  They were married six months later.  Fast forward twenty something years.... Abeeya's Bakery is the place for Sweetness in Zachary, Louisiana.  Donna and Ivy bought a failing business and have turned it into a successful and thriving enterprise  that  showcases  delicious cupcakes, beignets, custom order cakes, biscuits, and many other dessert items including pies and upside-down cakes. Their entrepenurial spirit was bo