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A Bridge to Friendship

Card games can be traced back to around 1120 in China.  The Chinese, it seems, invented paper.  The Puritans felt that cards were the devil's work and frowned on trying to win at cards.  English Queen Elizabeth the First recognized that her countrymen loved card games and began to tax decks of cards.  The King of Spades is the fanciest of all the cards and the design of that card indicated the "stamp" of the paid tax.  The French began placing the pictures of actual rulers, or past rulers, on the kings, queens and jacks. The game of Bridge was derived from the game of Whist, supposedly first played in Russia.  The English civil servants who were living in India began to play bridge as a way to pass time while in their "exile" from their mother country. The Italians got into the habit of playing cards as well and their playing cards were works of art.    Lots of history lies in between, but modern Bridge was introduced to New York City around the 1890's.

A Bite of the Big Apple

Ten women boarded a 6 a.m. flight in New Orleans.  A few hours later they found themselves in Times Square smack dab in the middle of all the excitement of the Big Apple!  The excitement and the fast pulse of the place guaranteed smiles all around.  Half of the group had never been to New York and the other half were making a return trip.  Adventure awaited each!  My roommates were my sister-in-law and my daughter.  Their company was a guarantee of the fun we would have! After checking in the Marriott Marquis we boarded the Q train on the Subway for Little Italy and China Town.  We had to have some authentic Italian food and some were pining for some great "knockoff" merchandise we were sure to find.  We decided to try Pepolino which was on the fringe of Little Italy.  The Ravioli of the day and the paninis were divine as was the Prosecco we ordered to toast our trip!  Our waiter spoke broken English mixed with some Italian words.  He said he hadn't been in the st