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An Unconventional Valentine Day

The day started quietly with a review of Facebook and emails.  Later my Valentine and I went out for lunch.  We rambled on over to Parrains , one of our favorite destinations, and enjoyed our food on the patio.  We observed that the "over the hill crowd" had decided to celebrate the day in similar style.  The springlike weather was perfect with plenty of sunshine to go around.  We dined on gumbo, grilled fish and bread pudding.  Yum!  But alas our appetites for dinner were spoiled by the late lunch. As supper time approached, I looked around the kitchen and found nothing of interest to cook.  We have long since given up on eating dinner out on Valentine Day as the crowds are too much for us.  So....I had lots of eggs.  I remember a recipe from long ago that I thought would be a pleaser.  I would like to share it with you.  I used to prepare it for my kids for breakfast when they were young.  I think they liked it and I know that hubby loves it.  It's Eggs a la Goldenrod