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Lemons and Lagniappe

My last post on Lemon Pie made from fresh Louisiana lemons created quite a stir.  (no pun intended!).  I received many comments and some  recipes for further use of this seasonal (for us) fruit.  I believe the variety of lemon is Meyer, but am not sure.  That seems to be a common variety that grows well in our climate.  This post is dedicated to the further use of the quart of lemon juice we still have in our refrigerator. In September we were served a delicious meal prepared especially for us by our Oregon friends, Judy and Steve Carroll. We are lucky to have their children and grandchild as neighbors.  The entire menu is featured in another post, but the dessert features lemons.  Lemon Pudding Souffle' is a delightful recipe that uses fresh lemon juice and peel.  As the name would suggest it is light a fluffy and very satisfying at the end of a perfect meal.  Judy was kind enough to share the recipe: Lemon Pudding Souffle' ala Judy 3/4 cup sugar 2 Tablespoons melted bu