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Zucchini Bread Glorified

My friend, Bruce Efferson,  recently gave me some zucchini squash.  We have enjoyed vegetables from my husband's garden this year, but we had no zucchini.  We really appreciated the gift that was among several other squashes and cucumbers! I never ate zucchini as a child.  My mom and dad never grew it and now I know why.  According to  this combination squash/melon was introduced to America only about 30 years ago.  The article I read went on to state that Columbus brought zucchini seeds from the Mediterranean area to the New World, but that the food was eaten for thousands of year in Central and South America.  American cooks have learned to love it because of its versatility and ease of growing.  The green elongated vegetable gets its name from the Italian word, zucchino, that interprets to "squash."  I love to prepare it along with yellow crookneck squash in a "medley" seasoned with butter and cheese, but I also love zucchini bread. Several