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Eighty? Can't Believe it!

Today we attended my husband's Godmother's 80th birthday party.  Mary Ann McKearan was 80 on March 10, 2011.  We were honored to be included in the festivities and made the trip to Harahan, Louisiana with my husband's only sister at the wheel.  Mary Ann has a nickname of which she is not fond, but that's how I know her from her Godson.  It's "Aunt Dut" and lots of people call her by that name.  I would love to know the origin of her nickname, but no one seems to remember.  By any name she is a very young octogenarian and a beautiful person inside and out!  She and I share a birthday week, so it was fun to attend a grand celebration. Aunt Dut is one of nine children born to Edmond and Hortense LeBlanc in Morganza, Louisiana.  Morganza is a village near Old River, near False River and near the Mississippi River in south Louisiana.  New Roads is the largest town near Morganza and it is also a small place.  In 1950, as a young woman, she left the small town