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Soup Supper with Gibbies

I seem to be doing a lot of cooking now that the weather is cold. My ramblings have been confined to my kitchen.  I so dislike being out in the low temps we have been experiencing this week.   I got a late start today, so I searched my pantry and refrigerator for ingredients that would make a good soup.  This soup supper took less than one hour from start to finish and proved to be very satisfying. The  accompaniment to the soup was Gibbie sandwiches.  Gibbie is a term coined by my mother when we were kids.  Mom just celebrated her 88th birthday, so this term has been in my family for many years.  Gibbies can be made from any sandwich.  My mom, who was a great cook in her time,  would simply cut the sandwiches into bite size pieces so that we kids could eat them easily. She always told us that they tasted better when served this way!   I have no idea where she got the term, but it has been passed down to my children.  Gibbies are always better than plain sandwiches! I made grilled

Gumbo-Step by Step

Woke up this morning to a very gray day in south Louisiana.  Rain and cold temps were predicted.  As the day wore on the weather got worse, so I decided to stay home and cook.  Gumbo was on the horizon.  Many folks cook gumbo on cold, rainy days and I am sharing my recipe and method with you.  I searched the internet and found that gumbo always contains some sort of meat and a thickener.  I use a traditional roux to thicken my gumbo.  Today I used chicken and sausage as the meats.  I am including pictures of the recipe in stages as I cooked it.  The finished product is served over cooked rice and with a scoop of potato salad in the bowl. You will notice that I used some convenience products when I cook this delicacy.  I think it is smart to save some time by using these products that save on preparation time.  The results are delicious!  Try will like it! Dot's Gumbo for a Cold, Rainy Day The roux and the stock are the only ingredients that I measure:  1 cup flour, t