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A Bluebird Day

My husband has a saying.  If the weather is cool, crisp and sunny, he proclaims it a "bluebird day."  Today was one of the first bluebird days of the fall season, such as it is in southern Louisiana.  Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to enjoy good weather, we headed to New Roads, Louisiana.  We drove to St. Francisville and took the ferry across the Mississippi River.  The ferry is operated by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and is free for cars.  I did, however, see the operator collect money from truck drivers.   On the St. Francisville side there is always a person selling homemade pralines.  I have found this to be a very entrepreneurial endeavor!  We bought some today and they did not disappoint.  The praline vendor has gone high tech in recent years and has added a label to the candy with information about phone orders and mail-outs for those who can't get enough sweetness.  Emily's Southern Pralines is the business name. The phone number for o