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Boston, MA Second Installment

Today we hopped on the “T” and headed to the Museum of Fine Art .  I love using the “T”.  I get a sense of freedom that comes from not having the burden of a car and parking.  It costs less than $2.00 for each ride and you can buy a card that is swiped on the gate or the ticket machine on the train car.  There are even special rates for senior citizens, but an application must be completed before that rate is granted.  The card can be “loaded” at several locations in town including convenience stores and kiosks in the stations.  What a way to get around! On our way we stopped and had a tasty lunch at La Verdad Taqueria .  It’s across the street from Fenway Park and I can just imagine that it is packed on Red Sox game days.  A sign in the restaurant touts that it is “like  a night in Tijuana.”  The tortillas are made fresh each day and the sauces are authentic and home made.  We ordered guacamole and chips and were served a trio of sauces and warm chips seasoned with a grated