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Boston, MA First Installment

I visited my son, Greg, in Boston for five days.  It was not my first visit and he and I were considering some of the sights we should see.  Of the offerings we found we had already done the Freedom Trail, the "Pru" and the Common, so finding new things to experience was the challenge.  Even shopping on Newbury Street and seeing the JFK Library had been accomplished in past visits, so we really had to dig deep! I arrived early in the afternoon on a somewhat on time flight and after getting rid of the car we loaded our T passes with money for riding and headed out!  After a simple lunch of Pizza at Upper Crust on Harvard Street at Coolidge Corner we sauntered down to Serenade Chocolatier for some chocolate.  Serenade is in Brookline Village and is known for  hand made confections in the Viennese style.  We went in for a "piece" of candy and were tempted by the idea of a chocolate dipped Oreo ice cream bar.  It was explained that the ice cream was that of a local p

At the Beach

It was a mid-week outing for three friends.  We had not seen each other in a year, but when we were together, it felt as if we had never been separated by time.  Our destination was Gulf Shores, Alabama and the beach.  We had several beach trips during the years that we worked together as teachers, but it had been many years since our last trip. Needless to say, there were lots of things to discuss.  Rain was predicted and the Alabama shore was threatened by "The Worst Oil Spill in History," but we didn't care.  Our trip was more about friendship and total relaxation. The rain and the oil held off long enough for us to enjoy our time together.  We were lucky! On the way we made a couple of stops that were tradition to us.  First, there was the stop in Loxley, Alabama for the Burris Farmer's Market.  This is where we picked up tomatoes and fruit for our leisurely "at the beach" dining.  We made mental notes of which veggies were available and planned to sto