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It's Like Christmas Everyday!

Yesterday we decided to go to town and have some lunch at a favorite spot, Parrain's, on Perkins Road.  There was nothing special about yesterday except that it was Earth Day and folks were celebrating around the world and finding a way to make the earth greener.  I had spent much of the morning reading some online news sites and vacillating between pessimism and optimism for the fate of our planet.  I have spent a lot of time recently recycling my stuff as we moved into new surroundings, so I feel that I have participated in earth friendly activities.  I have found new uses for old things and refurbished some old items to make them more efficient.  We have discussed buying a greener refrigerator, but what can one do with an old one that doesn't involve putting a perfectly good appliance in the dump?  I am sure there are some ways to recycle old refrigerators and maybe when I have an extra one thousand dollars to buy a new one, I will investigate those recycling methods.  For

Easter Cooking Frenzy

The end of Lent is marked by an Easter feast at our house.  This was our first holiday in our new house, so I wanted to do it up right.  The food gathering and preparation took the better part of Holy Week.  It started with the gift of a flat of Louisiana strawberries.   The berries came from Liuzza Farms in nearby Hammond, Louisiana.  All during the year one can purchase Californian and Mexican berries, but the Louisiana ones are only found in the spring. Having 12 pints at my disposal at one time launched the cooking frenzy that followed. We ate the ruby colored gems in salads, shortcakes and pies. The berries were ripe and sweet and made me feel that spring was here at last. Gretchen and I spent the better part of another day preparing 8 dozen meat pies.  Last year we took a  class from Kay Ewing's Everyday Gourmet Cooking School, and developed the skills we needed to prepare the pies with a flaky homemade pastry. The food processor makes the pastry preparation a snap. Kay has

Easter Week Lafayette Road Trip

Last week I went with Donna and Gretchen on a road trip.They are both teachers, so they have vacation for the Easter holiday. I was a teacher once-upon-a-time and I remember how I loved those school vacations. We wanted to take full advantage of the time so we headed to Lafayette and The Village of River Ranch. River Ranch is a traditional neighborhood development and is a mixture of residential and retail blended with recreational areas accented with beautiful landscaping. It’s a town within the town of Lafayette located in the middle of Acadiana. The area has huge mansions, “regular” homes, garden homes, condominiums and apartments. There are also restaurants and shops all within walking distance of each other. There is a huge “City Club” that is for the use of the residents. The City Club offers a fitness center, a spa, and recreation for the kids, too. The weather was beautiful on the day of our visit and people were swimming, biking, and otherwise walking around. Cars are allowe