My Official Welcome to Zachary

About a month ago I was having coffee with my dear friend, Sue, and we were discussing the fact that my husband and I were moving to Zachary.  I had lived in Baton Rouge for most of my life and Zachary is not that far away, but it is a million miles away in terms of us knowing our way around.  I knew only 4 people in Zachary and two of those were relatives.  My question to Sue was: "How do you get to meet people in Zachary?"  That question hung in the air for a few minutes and was then forgotten.
Sue, however, did not forget.  She got busy calling a Zachary friend of hers and arranged for us to meet over lunch.  The date and place were set.  Upon my arrival at the restaurant I was in for a huge surprise.  We lunched at the Bennett House just a little east of town and there were eighteen ladies at the table.  It seems that Sue's friend, Terry, called her friends and invited them to meet me.  Another surprise was that I knew of or had mutual acquaintances with four of those in attendance.  I was able to get some advice on many aspects of the small community which will be our home for a long time.  I found out the name of someone to make draperies, a good lunch spot, some welcoming church congregations, some bridge clubs and on and on.  I am so grateful to Sue and Terry for making me feel so welcome and included. 
The Bennett House, where we lunched, is a reception center that serves lunch daily, but specializes in wedding parties and corporate dinners.  We were welcomed with iced tea and cocktails and were served a huge salad family style as we chatted before ordering our entrees.  The food was very tasty.  I had a chicken salad croissant and a cup of their shrimp and corn bisque.  The chicken salad ingredients included chopped grapes and nuts along with the chopped chicken and mayonnaise dressing.  The soup was cream based and spicy, but not too spicy hot.  Some of the ladies ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes served with Romoulade Sauce and Grill Crawfish.  This looked wonderful and I was sorry I missed seeing it on the menu.  You could also have Poboys (catfish or shrimp) or a good old-fashioned hamburger.  All of these were well received.  The Bennett House ( is a lovely place and I hope to get back there very soon.
A wonderful memory was made today.  I feel so at home and hope to be seeing some of my new friends very soon.  Thanks, Sue and Terry!

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