Finally Home

Our move to Zachary, Louisiana is complete.  We were happy to see the Pod leave our driveway.  Our move took us almost two years.  We began in 2007 with an idea to downsize and possibly move out of state.  Three realtors and four price reductions later we sold our house and  bought a lovely new house that suits our needs perfectly.  Audubon Lakes is now our home.

The process of moving is exhausting.  We had movers and lots of helpers, but there was still a lot of hauling of boxes, unpacking boxes, moving furniture to the best spots and in some cases changing our minds and moving the furniture again.  I discovered many muscles that I forgot that I had.  My back and legs have not yet recovered.  My poor husband and son-in-law also suffered from aches and pains. 
This probably sounds like a miserable experience, but the outcome is wonderful.  We are in a lovely subdivision in a sleepy small town and live near one of our children and her husband.  Nice to have good neighbors!  Look forward to more posts as I get settled in and have time to travel and experience more of what life has to offer.  The future is bright!

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