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The Big Trip 2009

We normally take one big trip each year. This past summer we booked a Tauck Tour of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We like this tour company because you write one check and it’s all taken care of for you. No big decisions left to make except what to order at the restaurants along the way. We joined a group of about 30 people for our “tour”.  By the end of the twelve days we would be great friends.  The adventure began with an uneventful (our luggage was not lost and there were no delays) flight to Salt Lake City. Having never been there, we were curious to see the town. Our hotel was in close proximity to Temple Square, so we walked there. The Mormons are very proud of their properties. All of the properties are staffed by volunteers who are doing their required church service. The place is fascinating and we had a guided tour of the site. No money has been spared for the buildings. It’s a very holy place in their religion and many young people flock there to get married. We saw n

Third Tuesday Book Club

I orignally stated this blog would be about reading and so far I have discussed some travel and some cooking.'s the reading part. I joined a Book Club and we call ourselves the Third Tuesday Book Club.  Guess what!  We meet the Third Tuesday of each month in the afternoon.  There are eleven of us.  On the 12th month, we go out to lunch together at a really fancy restaurant and enjoy each others company.  (can't get away from the food!) Our format is simple.  Each selects a book for her assigned month.  We go alphabetically so there is no confusion on whose month it is.  Here is what we are reading this year: The Guersney Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer The $64 Tomato by William Alexander The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo by Stieg Larsson The Help by Katherine Stockett The Stars for a Light by Lynn and Gilbert Morris Once Upon a Town:  The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen by Bob Greene (not Oprah's Bob Greene) A Walk in the Woods b

My Favorite Cranberry Relish

When not traveling, I like to dabble in the kitchen.  Since seeing the movie, Julie and Julia,  I have begun to wear my pearls while cooking.  You would be surprised how much better the food tastes!  I wish I could take full credit for this recipe, but I must confess that my friend, Sherry, gave it to me a long time ago.  Sherry and I both were teachers in the middle school at Episcopal for more years than I wish to count.  She had the knack of finding unusual and delicious ways to prepare old favorites.  She also gave me a wonderful Cauliflower Soup recipe.  Also, her chili recipe cannot be beat.  The secret ingredient in this recipe is a cup of bourbon.  Once I served this recipe to several teetotalers along with their Thanksgiving feast.  They all exclaimed it was the best cranberry sauce they ever had.  I didn't tell them it was laced with the forbidden bourbon!  I have shared this recipe with several people who have reported great success at serving it.  It's versatile

Natchitoches Getaway

 Natchitoches, Louisiana was the destination for our latest rambling. It’s the oldest town in Louisiana. The history, area plantations, water sports, and Northwestern State University are all good reasons to visit Natchitoches, but, no doubt, many will remember the city as the locale for the filming of “Steel Magnolias,” and the Festival of Lights each Christmas. We had seen the town at Christmas, but had never in the summer. For lodging we chose the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast. When browsing the internet we found the Queen Anne and fell in love with the 1905 building and the charming interiors that were pictured. Another plus for this Be & Be is that there was ample parking for us to bring our small boat. Natchitoches is a (leisurely) three to four hour drive from Baton Rouge. From I-49 take the Natchitoches exit (Highway 6) and proceed into town where the Queen Anne is located on Pine Street. This B&B is a great example of architecture common in the early 1900’s. The h

The Beginning

In retirement, my husband and I enjoy short-destination, middle of the week trips. We began to schedule these "Weekday Ramblings" because of the ease of preparation (packing), avoiding traffic and congestion, and easier (often less expensive) availability to attractions, lodging and restaurants. Our planning time is now, often, a discussion over morning coffee, a few phone calls or internet surfing and stopping for gas on the way out.